The Secrets of Happy Couples

by Anika Cornish, MCP, RCC, CCC

Have you ever been around those couples who seem to really have this relationship/marriage thing down pat?

They demonstrate their care for one another in such an authentic way -- through helpful actions, kind words, and demonstrations of affection. 

Well, part of the secret is that nobody -- not even the couples described above and in the infographic below -- has a "perfect" relationship (whew). There's no such thing! Human beings make mistakes, and part of being in a successful relationship means working through our hurts with grace and humility for one another.

The great news is that the elements that make happy relationships aren't rocket science. As challenging and complicated as relationships can be, successful ones seem to share certain things in common. Research shows that the happiest couples are happy because of number of little things that make a BIG difference in relationships over the long-term and every day. 

Happify put together this beautiful infographic to show what scientists know about people in the happiest romantic relationships, and it's fascinating! Really simple things like celebrating your partner's good news, complimenting one another, or going for a walk together make a difference. Read on to learn more tips, and learn how parenthood can affect relationships.

Image credit: The Secrets of the Happiest Couples [Happify]

This infographic might make it seem easier than it is. Could your relationship use help -- a tune-up or more significant attention?

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